Monument Valley on a full Moon day

Written by drseb on May 9th, 2009

This was my third visit of Monument Valley, AZ, this time though it was on a full Moon day. We arrived around 15h00 which gave ample time to have a late lunch, tour the whole park, wait for the full Moon to rise, and wait for all cars to exit the park.

Monument Valley overview

Monument Valley at sunset

A native Indian in a cow-boy outfit (go figure) posed with his horse:

Indian "cow-boy&quot

Totem Poles:

Totem Poles


It took well over an hour for the Moon to rise above the clouds, in the meantime I could not help taking pictures:
Full Moon rising over Monument Valley

While it was pitch dark to the naked eyes the camera revealed a full spectrum of colors, using long exposures yielded day-like colors mixed with star trails which resulted in a surreal view of Monument Valley:
Monument Valley lit by the Moon

Capturing the three landmarks of Monument Valley along with the Moon required a wide angle, for this one I used a Tokina 12-24mm, this lens puts to shame my other Nikons lenses when it comes to sharpness:
Monument Valley with the full Moon

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