Navajo National Monument

Written by drseb on May 9th, 2009

Navajo National Monument is approximately located 45 min west of Kayenta, AZ. Park entrance is free, it offers two short hikes. The first walk end with an overlook on ancestral dwellings built into the rock down the canyon, this village is the best preserved one in the area. Similar villages can be seen at Canyon de Chelly (AZ) or Mesa Verde (NM).

Navajo National Monument viewpoint

Guided tours with access to the dwellings are also available in the morning:
Navajo National Monument dwellings

The second walk goes down the canyon with an overview of the valley:
Navajo National Monument forest

This park, though it doesn’t offer the variety of National Parks, is certainly worth stopping by if not only for its ancestral dwellings. It is also a good way to kill time if you also plan on visiting Monument Valley on the same day which is also quick to visit.

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