Washington DC

Written by drseb on October 3rd, 2009

Welcome to Washington DC:
Washington DC license plate

The White House from the north and south sides:
White House by night - north side

White House by night - south side

White House - South side

White House security seal

Even past 9 pm there has to be some protesters in front of the White House:
White House protester

The National Sculpture Garden:
National Sculpture Garden

A piece of Berlin’s Wall on display at the Newseum:
Berlin's Wall at the Newseum

The US Capitol seen here from the Newseum:
Washington DC Capitol from the Newseum

Washington DC Capitol

Washington DC Capitol

Washington DC Capitol

Collector’s edition of a subway daily pass:
Obama subway pass

A train passing by:
Washington DC subway

The US Treasury:
US Treasury

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial:
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial by night

A spider web lit by a traffic light:
Spider web

The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool:
Lincoln Memorial


Washington Monument Memorial and Reflecting Pool:
Washington Monument Memorial and Reflecting Pool

Washington Monument Memorial

Babcock Lakes:
Babcock Lakes

The FBI’s building:

Typical houses from Washington DC:
Washington's DC houses

Chinatown’s gate:
Chinatown's Gate

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