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Mountain Winery: Live concert with Susan Tedeschi and Jackie Greene

Thursday, August 27th, 2009


The Mountain Winery is located in the hills of the Bay Area, southwest of Saratoga. I favor this outdoor venue for its relatively small size and the quality of the artists gracing the stage. Contrary to stadium-size venues, you can always get close to the stage provided you book your tickets right after they go on sale, I got a front row center seat and being so close to the stage I could not pass on the opportunity to take pictures.

Attending concerts in California is always an interesting experience¬† as you are bound to have a patron nearby, usually in his/her forties, smoking pot, and hiding it like a teenager. It sure is entertaining and makes 2nd hand smoking a lot more enjoyable than cigarettes…

The concert started at 7:30pm with Jackie Greene ( opening for  Susan Tedeschi (



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